On-Gabriola Immunization clinic will start May 17

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Wednesday, April 21 2021

Island Health has scheduled COVID-19 vaccine clinics on Gabriola Island starting May 17.

To book, please visit gov.bc.ca/getvaccinated to register in three easy steps:

 • Register: First, register by utilizing on the link above and scroll down to ‘Register online’

 • Book: Book a vaccine appointment when you receive an email, text or phone call 

 • Get vaccinated: Visit your local vaccine clinic to get your vaccine dose

If you need help with this process, you may ask a friend, neighbour, or other support person to register for you. If you are unable to book online you may book by phone by calling 1-833-838-2323. You can also register in person at any Service BC location. You, or the person booking for you, will need to provide your:

 • Legal first and last name

 • Date of birth

 • Postal code

 • Personal health number (aka: care card)

 • Phone number (a direct line to you or your support person)

These clinics are meant for permanent residents of Gabriola, Mudge and Decourcy Islands. If you are a permanent resident of Gabriola, Mudge or Decourcy Island and you previously booked into another clinic, you may wish to change your appointment to the Gabriola Island Whole Community clinic by calling to rebook. Non-permanent residents with properties or second homes on the Islands should not book into this whole community clinic. 

If you have questions about the COVID-19 whole community approach, please visit islandhealth.ca/whole-community-vaccine.

Anyone with appointments in Nanaimo can decide to keep it, or change to the Gabriola dates

Gabriolans of all ages over 18 have found it possible to book appointments to get their vaccine shots at clinics being held on Vancouver Island. Ahead of when the on-Gabriola ‘whole community approach’ clinic will be held.

Island Health staff confirmed this past week that while the appointments are legitimate, and will be honoured, they came about due to a programming glitch in immunization system.

The glitch allowed anyone who had a Gabriola postal code to book appointments for vaccines, even off island, so long as they were over 18 years of age. It is unknown how many Gabriolans have booked appointments in Nanaimo or at other locations. The Gabriola clinic is now slated to begin May 17, lasting till May 20 as currently scheduled.

Island Health staff said those who have book appointments off Gabriola will not be required to  change their appointments. For example, if a 30yo from Gabriola shows up at Beben Park for the appointment they have booked, they will receive their shot.

Now that the Gabriola clinic information has been added to the provincial booking system, people will be given options to book for the Gabriola clinic.

As mentioned above, while the clinic is slated to be between May 17 to May 20, with the days allotted dependent on how many are required to completely immunize all persons over 18 who wish to get their COVID shot.