RCMP Report Feb. 6 - Feb. 20

Cpl. Nathan Dame

Detachment Commander, Gabriola Island RCMP

Tuesday, February 21 2017

Feb. 7 - Mischief to a postal box on Dragons Lane. No other boxes were damaged.

Request for assistance at 9pm for a stuck vehicle. Members provided assistance with some other help to get the vehicle moving.

Feb. 9 - the Gabriola RCMP put in a requested an arrest warrant for male suspect failing to comply with his conditions on a Criminal harassment investigation.

Feb. 12 - A verbal domestic argument was called in to Police at the end of Wharf Rd. The RCMP attended and located the female and male. Both were not residents of Gabriola and were travelling through on a boat. No arrests were made as it was confirmed verbal and no assault had occurred.

The RCMP received a report of an impaired driver. The police arrived finding that the drivers keys had been taken away and the driver had locked himself in his vehicle. The driver was removed and taken to hospital for an assessment. No charges will be forward.

Feb. 13 - Information was received that a male and female docked at the end of Wharf Rd were involved in a boat theft on Mudge and Quadra Island. Information was also received that firearms may be aboard the vessel. Cpl. Dame confirmed with Quadra RCMP that they had other suspects for their theft. The Gabriola RCMP did not receive any reports of a boat theft for Mudge Island.

The Gabriola RCMP did receive a report that a depth sounder had been taken from Pages Marina. Based on all the information Gabriola members asked for assistance form the West Coast Marine Services and did a search of the vessel. No stolen items or firearms were located. The owner of the vessel was provided $600 in safety violations.

Feb. 14 - A no injury collision was reported at Taylor Bay RD and North Rd. The drivers exchanged information and reported to ICBC.

The RCMP, Ambulance and Fire responded to a report of male in medical distress. The male was transported to the Nanaimo Hospital. Assistance services are in place for the male when he returns home. Thank you to the ambulance and fire crew that attended. As usual they were professional and did an excellent job taking care of the patient.

Feb. 15 - A hit and run collision was reported that occurred on South Rd. Still under investigation.

As reported in the last Sounder Carfentanil has arrived in Nanaimo and will make its way over to Gabriola. This substance is 100 times more potent than fentanyl. Please be cautious when dealing with any unknown substances. Your well being is our main concern, please contact the ambulance if you are not feeling right after using any drugs.

To end off this report I would like the community to know that I do not put everything that is reported to the RCMP into the paper. When it relates to sensitive information, children or anything that would jeopardize a person’s safety I will not include it. If you have any concerns of the content please contact me.