RCMP Report - Oct. 8 to Oct. 14

Cpl. Nathan Dame

Detachment Commander, Gabriola RCMP

Tuesday, October 17 2017

10 calls for service.

A friendly Gabriola reminder that it is now winter tire season as of October 1st. With the temperature starting to dip be aware of the potential for ice on the road. It will not matter what kind of tire you have on or that you are driving a 4x4 if you are travelling too fast and hit some ice. 

The next thing you may see is the ditch giving you a friendly Gabriola hug. 

October 13 - the Gabriola RCMP took a ride on the local school bus looking for vehicles that were passing while the flashing bus lights were on.  It was a good day as all the vehicles safely stopped when they were supposed to and no violation tickets were handed out. The Gabriola RCMP will be doing this periodically throughout the school year. 

Friday the 13th - It was a dark and windy night on Gabriola Island. The sounds of screaming owls could be heard echoing through the trees. There was a chill in the air, the kind of chill that gives you goose bumps. Two females sat alone feeling safe and secure in their unlocked Gabriola house when they heard a loud banging coming from the front door. A voice was heard saying, “I know someone inside. Can I come in, I am cold.” The females told the unknown person to leave but the banging continued. They wondered who it could be. Mary Poppins? The lady with the imaginary dogs? A would be thief trying to outsmart them!? Cpl. Dame  arrived not knowing what to expect. He shone his flashlight into the yard and was startled by what he saw. 

Walking toward him was an intoxicated, 5’0” tall, 100 lbs female shivering, trying to explain to him why she was in the yard. The female was new to Gabriola and was lost. Cpl. Dame helped her home where she could warm up. FYI The two females were not scared and only wanted the banging to stop. 

Have a chill week Gabriola.