Editorial: Bring in a national minimum wage


Tuesday, May 17 2016

Canada needs a national minimum wage.

Same minimum wage, every province and territory.

The idea that BC should have a different minimum wage than Alberta, or any province in Canada, probably makes sense to some, who believe differing provincial economies should drive a minimum wage those economies can handle.

The reality is almost every non-local product purchased by someone in BC is going to have the same initial purchase price as the same product in Nova Scotia.

There are always going to be geographical differences in product cost. Whether that is ferries bringing goods to Vancouver Island; or any mode of transport used to get fresh produce to the north.

But those differences in prices can then drive higher-than-minimum wage jobs.

And whether someone works in one province or another, the wages will be set at what the market will bear, also based on what needs to be paid to obtain and retain employees.

A challenge Gabriola businesses sometimes find harder to deal with, than a rising minimum wage.