Fare comparisons...


Tuesday, March 31 2015

Ferry fares. Sigh...talk about sticker shock. On the whole, it doesn’t seem that bad for fares to go up 30 cents for passengers and 75 cents for vehicles, even if that’s almost four times the inflation rate for 2015. But looking back to when the Liberals privatized the ferry system, we can see what fares were in 2003. The scary part: vehicles were $12.50. That means we are paying almost as much now for a passenger fare as people were paying for a vehicle fare in 2003.

BC Ferries and Minister Todd Stone can preach all they want about needing to cover costs and keep the service sustainable, but there cannot be another form of public transit that has seen fares increase almost 200% in that same time period. Changes are being made, the price increases starting in 2016 will be less. 

At this rate, it’ll take us till 2022 to see passenger fares surpass the 2003 vehicle price.