Ferry lineup woes


Tuesday, June 7 2016

A sure sign of the spring and summer season is the ferry lineup getting longer and longer.

And in an effort to be one car closer to the front, we start to see more and more people choose to make illegal u-turns rather than the designated turnaround locations.

A couple years ago, the Ministry and BC Ferries - at the request of the Gabriola Ferry Advisory Committee - put up signs directing drivers to use the Ivory Way intersection to make a turnaround if the lineup was past the regular turnaround location.

Beyond that - physical barriers are one of the few options left to curb people’s desire to make that u-turn.

And by curb, that means the big concrete blocks.

The BC Highways rodeo chute.

We’ve all seen an example of it, in some fashion or another. 

Concrete barriers and fences, typically used on urban roadways to prevent lane changes. This might stop the u-turners.

But think of all those times drivers have had to nudge a little into the oncoming lane to get by a vehicle in the ferry lineup.

And even worse, imagine our rural roadways clogged with concrete barriers.

Even those little plastic sticks used sometimes (more often on the mainland) to direct traffic on the major highways. The ones that shoot two feet up from where the reflectors are usually embedded in the roadway lines.

Bottom line - there really shouldn’t be anyone making u-turns on that road. Someone doing so either didn’t read the signs, or chose to ignore it - a situation which will end up causing a collision somewhere along Taylor Bay Road.

The good news is, this coming Friday is another Ferry Advisory Committee meeting with BC Ferries staff.

It starts at 10:15am. At the Gabriola Arts Centre. (formerly the WI Hall).

Bring ideas. Express them to the BC Ferries staff. 

And the FAC members.

And please...use the turnarounds.