Letter: Bikes and Trikes and Excellent Drivers

Tuesday, June 7 2016

This seems too important for a “Smile” but it is a thank you letter. I ride my trike up Barrett Hill and to the Village most days and I have found Gabriola drivers to be amazingly careful and patient (especially on Barrett Hill), staying well behind when passing safely isn’t possible, and overtaking with a safe margin.

This is very heartwarming since the lumpy bits of the road are nearly always at the right-hand side and those are jaw-rattling on a trike, probably also on a bike.

Also, from Horseshoe Hill onwards, where there is a marked cycle path, sometimes the edge of that has crumbled away so we tricyclists may need to veer slightly to the left, into the vehicle lane.

I was inspired to write this because recently a van did pass me uncomfortably closely, which contrasted with the careful and respectful drivers I have encountered during the last four years.

Thank you for your patience and care.

~ Jen Turner