Letter: Emergency Road needed

Tuesday, January 9 2018

There has been talk for years now about opening up a road that would give the many residents on the North side of the Island (which includes Taylor Bay Road, Berry Point Road and their offshoots and Phase 4) an alternative route to North Road so that they can get to the ferry, the clinic and other services. There is a current development proposal that would enable such a road.

 The recent incident on Taylor Bay Road where a tree fell across the road not only took out the power lines but totally blocked the road. Foot traffic could not get around the tree because of the danger from the power lines. Police, Fire and Ambulance were completely unable to respond to any emergency for approximately 12 hours which could have produced disastrous results. Residents on the Berry Point side of the fall were unable to get to the ferry. People on the “Village” side were unable to return to their homes on a very cold night.

 This highlights in a very meaningful way the urgent need for an alternative route and it is time to do something about it! We need a positive decision – and soon - on the current development proposal that would provide the alternative route to North Road at, incidentally, no cost to Gabriolans.

 ~ Bruce McIntyre and Lee O’Brien