Letter: GERTIE is Great!

Monday, August 26 2013

I’m writing to let everyone involved in making the Gabriola bus happen. It’s great. It’s had its bumps and grinds but keeps getting better. 

We use it when the schedule meets our needs. It’s great when the buses connect but it’s up to us to make it happen. It was great the past week to make it to the concert at the golf course and return, and the same again to and from the BBQ. I’m seeing more young people using it as well as others who are becoming aware of the service. 

I hope it keeps on keeping on, even if some routes are cut back to some areas – North and South Road and Berry Point will keep it going through the winter. It won’t help me on Whalebone, but I can live with North and South Road – Ferry – Village. My sincere thanks to the drivers and the others behind the scenes, not to mention the local info that flies around en route. 

One more suggestion, if there’s any way to have GERTIE get people to the GIRO depot on its open days, that would help a lot of us who want to get to GIRO and then home again.

Don’t miss your stop, enjoy and use the service. It’s important to the community. 

Thank you all, 

David Paterson