Letter: HOPE Centre’s new expansion

Tuesday, December 19 2017

Thank you, NDP/Green coalition for the $500,000 for 32 childcare spaces on Gabriola. We desperately need these spaces. They will allow young parents to work and stay on Gabriola.

 As Dr. Hasselback pointed out in November, almost 40 per cent of our school-aged children are at the poverty level and we have relatively few young and middle-aged adults. Keeping this proportion will lead to a non-sustainable community and we could lose the Gabriola that we know and love. 

In order to attract and keep this target group, Gabriola needs to offer parents both work and good childcare. Think of all the young adults we do know who are keeping their families here – at the grocery store, other stores, the home-based businesses, as well as a number of our essential services. No daycare and they will have to leave. 

Raise a cheer to the Hope Centre’s and Gabriola’s future.

~ Tessa Spero