Letter: Let’s solve the problem in the name of safety and only safety.

Tuesday, May 26 2015

As a Spruce Road resident of over nine years I have enjoyed the nature, the quiet and the health that living on a dead end road brings. I live here specifically for those reasons and bought here because it is a dead end road. I recently returned from a trip off island and saw the recent reports on “density transfer” that is touted to be “good for all Gabriolans” and shorten people’s drive time to get into town and therefore be more convenient. Most likely the 10 cars that will go by my house per day will increase to over 200 plus cars in the summer and will destroy the quiet of another Gabriola neighbourhood for the convenience of getting into town or to the ferry five minutes faster. Robert Rooks gets to create what he wants at the end of Church Road seducing us with promise of more protected land in the middle of the island. The fire department and ambulance gets a better safe access road and the police will have less travel time in an emergency. While I support the safety of the island I am 100 per cent against a full access road going through the end of Spruce Road. Put in an emergency access gated road to protect this neighbourhood.

We have a right to feel supported by the Islands Trust and we empower them to ensure our right to have the quality of life we have chosen and for the reasons we chose to buy property in this neighbourhood. The Islands Trust has a mandate to preserve and protect the island yet has consistently over the years made decisions that ruin the quiet of neighborhoods. And that is not protecting this island or this neighbourhood. There is an easy solution that would satisfy the issue of safety. In a true emergency such as a fire, the emergency access road can be opened up so people can have the second route of escape that the fire department has deemed necessary. Let’s protect this island’s beauty and peace rather than valuing convenience over quality of life.

Regardless of Mr. Rooks’ generosity he is not just giving the land to Gabriolans. He wants to make a business deal in which Gabriolans trade off the peace and quiet of this neighbourhood so his plan to have that road go through will be more palatable. Also by putting in houses along the end of Church Road along the cliffs it will destroy one of the most beautiful vistas on Gabriola Island. Gabriola does not exist just for the convenience of business deals and is not for sale for any reason. Let’s solve the problem in the name of safety and only safety. Convenience is often what ruins things. “If it seems too good to be true then it probably is.”

~ Gail Carter