Letter: Re: Alternative Approval Process for Electric Vehicle Chargers

Wednesday, January 13 2021

The RDN has given notice of an Alternative Approval Process concerning an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Service Establishment Bylaw which would allow for the installation of Vehicle Charging Stations in area B,E G and H. 

This bylaw would allow electric vehicle owners to charge their vehicles at property taxpayer’s expense as well as using property taxes to purchase and maintain the stations. 

This would be in addition to the $162,222 grant from the province of B.C. (taxpayers). 

While the proposed increase in property taxes is not significant, I find it difficult to justify having the majority fund something that benefits a small minority who have already been able to receive provincial rebates of up to $3000 and federal rebates of up to $5000 to offset the cost of their expensive vehicles. They are also able to obtain complementary recharges and have the additional benefit of not having to pay any road tax. 

I fully support all measures that are being taken to improve our environment however, since we already have three EV Changers in the village - and since most electric vehicles have a rated range of between 200 - 250 km on a full charge and many models are capable of 400+ kms“, why do we need more EV Charging Stations on our island? 

The sad thing about the concept of an Alternative Approval Process is that it allows our representatives to proceed if we remain silent. In order to require a public referendum of this bylaw, 10% of the electorate must download the Elector Response Form, complete it, and submit it not by email or fax but by Canada Post by 15 Feb. 2021. 

I am not pleased by this back door attempt to benefit a minority of affluent drivers who can afford to spend $50,000 on an EV while we on Gabriola are dealing with above average levels of poverty 

~ Graham Miller