Letter: RE: Paisley Place public hearing

Wednesday, January 13 2021

Dear Editor,

I am heartened by our Local Trust Committee’s decision, at today’s public hearing for the Gabriola Housing Society’s development application, to change the word ‘should’ to ‘shall’ where possible in the new Development Permit Area and guidelines. This one small technical change will, I hope, give real meaning to the DPA and its intent to minimize the environmental impact of the GHS proposal for affordable housing.

The Trustees’ responses to the public hearing engagement were so very thoughtful, which made me appreciate more than ever the work they all have put into considering the application and our community’s ideas and concerns regarding this significant development.

With all of the discussion around the environmental impacts of continued clearing and fragmenting of forests in the Islands Trust Area, I detect a new interest and concern also for the Coastal Douglas Fir ecosystem that is the most endangered biogeoclimatic zone in B.C. 

Perhaps this new or renewed awareness of just how precious the CDF ecosystem is will benefit what is left of the forests on Gabriola Island, and get people more interested in helping the Islands Trust to honour its ‘preserve and protect’ mandate across the whole Trust Area.

It is now up to all of us to support the Gabriola Housing Society’s work and plans, with creative and resourceful efforts, to ensure that the dwellings and surrounding infrastructure provide the kind of homes that make a pleasant, long-lasting island neighbourhood.


Susan Yates