Letter: RE: "Switching from NDP to Green" letter in April 7 Sounder

Tuesday, April 21 2015

With regard to the “Why I’m switching from NDP to Green this October” letter by Ted Wilson in April 7 Sounder.

I am quite disturbed by a lot of people who have supported the NDP for many years are now feeling an urge to vote Green.

I would like them to really think before they jump.

I know that Elizabeth May is a very amazing person and is doing a good job in Ottawa. But I am most distressed that she has supported putting Paul Manly into a riding where we have an amazing person already with Sheila Malcolmson who has a lot of experience and is already working very hard in the riding.

Sheila and Paul are both against the tar sands and both care about saving our precious coast but there are certain other places on Vancouver Island that could use Paul for their candidate and not cause people to split the vote. Ted says it will always be that way, that the vote gets split.

But I do not agree with that.

If we care enough we can change the law. Are we so afraid of Harper that we think there is nothing we can do?

And if the people in the NDP think that they can’t change their leader then they too are mistaken. There are lots of people running for the NDP.

I joined the NDP because of Sheila and I feel that she will do a good job. I wrote a letter to Paul when the news came up that he was running in this riding and asked him why he was trying to take Sheila’s place. His answer was that he was going to get young people to vote.

Well I was there at the Convention Centre in Nanaimo when Sheila was elected as the candidate to run over four other people and we brought from Gabriola the largest crowd of young people that had ever been at such a meeting.

Paul has his reasons for running for the Greens but that is no reason to try to squeeze Sheila out. There are lots of ridings where he could have gone.

I hope that the people who are rushing to vote for Paul and not Sheila will think about it and talk about it. But I am not giving up on Sheila!

~ Jean McLaren