Letter: To BC Highways

Tuesday, January 16 2018

To BC Highways

Dear Sirs: 

Many years ago we fought both BC Highways and our road contractor over the use of “Texada Slime” as gravel road dressing on Gabriola Island.

After presenting the then Minister of Transport with a personal package of this junk, Emcon made a solemn promise not to get more for the purpose.

The attached bag of material was taken off Rollo Road today and while it may not contain “Texada Slime” it sure looks suspiciously like something similar.

Add rainwater to the material and you will immediately see that there is a great deal of mud produced that messes up cars, dogs, shoes and any other thing that contacts the road surface. In the dry weather this material will produce a lot of dust, at least that is my opinion.

Please have Emcon cease and desist using this material on Rollo Road. Also please require Emcon to grade the road to remove this material, substituting with proper gravel, you know the kind that all island contractors bring over most days.

~ Erik and Catherine Andersen