Letter: To MLA Doug Routley, and the Ministry Of Transportation

Tuesday, January 9 2018

Do people on Gabriola Island realize that on the night of December 29, 2017 that the power out from a fallen tree on Taylor Bay Road, meant that all the residences from McConvey Rd up into Phase Four could not have any emergency services for approximately 14 hours ?

No house fire could have been put out. No Ambulance or Police could have responded to a call.

The tree could not be cut out of the way because of the electric wires entangled in it. Hydro did not come over to the island until the next morning.

Everyone was cut off if they were on the wrong side of the tree. The Roxy patrons had to find a place to stay for the night, families could not get home, residence could not get to the ferry etc. etc.

This was a serious situation and it could have been worse.

So everyone, it is time, not in a few years or months even, but now to put a full public road through from Spruce Ave. to Church Street.

~ Tawny Maclachlan Capon, John Capon, Doug Scott, Anne Poschmann, Dick Hamilton, Suzanne Bizon, Michelle Benjamin, Maggie Mooney, Margy Gilmour, Laurence Blanchard, Derrill Shuttleworth, Jill Haras, Verne Smith, Karen Cain, Liz Ciocea, Mark & Bev Godfrey, Shelagh Rogers, Charlie Cheffins, Karen Curry, Gavin Coford, Lee Ker, and Janet Lironi.