Letter: Why I'm switching from NDP to Green this October

Tuesday, April 7 2015

Dear Editor:

Although I have been an NDP supporter for many years, I have decided to switch to the Green Party. In the run-up to the last federal election I was attracted to the Greens and felt that they were on the right track, but felt constrained to vote NDP for fear of splitting the vote. I now realize this fear will arise at every election. It will always seem too dangerous to vote for what we actually want.

My initial attraction to the Green Party was their brilliant leader, Elizabeth May. Researching their principles and policies made me feel that here was a party I could support. Finally, reading recent statements by Paul Manly clinched the matter.

By nipping at the heels of the Liberals and the Conservatives, the NDP has been a great benefit to Canada. If it weren’t for the NDP, Canada would be just like the USA, where Democrats or Republicans trade power more-or-less alternately. But lately, the NDP is veering toward the market as the most important issue and seems not really aware that the survival of civilization is at stake. 

Sheila Malcolmson is a fine person and would be a credit to the NDP, but sending new Green MPs to Ottawa will strengthen Elizabeth May’s ability to affect the direction of this country, which is urgently needed.

I feel that if we are to address the crisis that is facing us today, we need to go beyond what any of the three main political parties are promising. The Conservatives, Liberals and NDP all seem to favour expansion of the tar sands, which will push our climate beyond tolerable levels. What we need instead is a grassroots movement, rising from the bottom up, to stop this expansion. I think the Green Party is that grassroots movement.

~ Ted Wilson