Please don’t feed deer


Tuesday, January 9 2018

A friendly reminder: now is definitely not the time to be feeding deer on Gabriola. 

A healthy population depends there being a ‘winter kill’ and unless we’re willing to start reducing the population through an increase in hunting, the only control we have on Gabriola is what comes from the seasonal changes. 

Without that dying off of the old, the sick, and even some of the healthier animals - we’re going to continue to have an overpopulation of deer on the island.

Feed designed for domestic stock - be it cows, horse, sheep, or goats - is not healthy for deer.

Yes - we’ve invaded their territory. We’re taking up space.

But providing an alternative source of food does not increase how much physical space the deer have for themselves.

All it does is fill the space the deer have left with more deer. 

Sick, unhealthy, guts-ready-to-burst deer.

For those truly concerned with deer having enough food:

- take down perimeter fences

- plant indigenous species of plants which are a natural source of food for the deer.

- Volunteer with the good people at GROWLS, Gabriola Rescue Of Wildlife Society and learn more about providing a healthy natural habitat.

But please do not feed the deer.