We have the power


Wednesday, January 20 2021

It’s in our power to support local businesses.

There’s a popular meme running around the internet saying it’d be great if the next COVID shutdown could be for the government to close all the big box stores, to give local businesses a chance.

One issue with doing that - is what happens to all the people who are employed there, and need that income to pay their own costs.

The other - is that we’re all, every one of us as a consumer, fully empowered to make this choice ourselves.

We can avoid the ferry lines. Nanaimo traffic. Everything else that comes with a town trip.

We can shop local.

We can take our business to our friends, our neighbours, to the businesses who pay the commercial taxes in our community.

All without having to shut down those other stores which, unlike the massive online retailers, also employ people who live in our community.

Shopping local is in our power. 

We don’t have to wait for the government to tell us to do it.